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FarmFirst, LLC

Farm Management Services for Today’s Farmland Owner

The FarmFirst system is a comprehensive farm management service for landowners. We begin each engagement with a discussion with the client to determine goals as well as specific short and long-term objectives and other considerations. A landowner may identify some or all of these objectives as important in their overall plan for their property and its management:

  • Increased income
  • Asset conservation
  • Management continuity
  • Consistent communications
  • Budgeting to achieve cost control
  • Improved crop marketing to increase profits

Based on client goals, FarmFirst will handle all day-to-day operations of farm management, always keeping the client informed about changes in agriculture and their impact on the operation. Throughout the association with FarmFirst, we will keep the lines of communication open. 

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Professional Farm Management: 

Farm management services range from an occasional consultation to complete management of a farm operation.  FarmFirst services would include the following: 

·        Complete understanding of the farm, farm operator (if applicable) and the owners’ expectations of farm operations.

·        Perform a complete inspection of the farm

·        Make recommendations regarding alternatives and discuss the income potential and benefits of each

·        Locate the best qualified operator (if necessary)

·        Work with the operator to determine the optimum crop rotations and tillage practices that meet the owners needs and are in compliance with applicable regulations

·        Market all commodities

·        Manage and maintain homes, buildings and other improvements

Working with the Operator:

Teamwork is the order of the day when it comes to the operation of the farm. Because a good working relationship with the farm operator is essential to the success of the FarmFirst system, and the success of the farm, the manager and operator will work closely throughout the year. At the start of every crop year, the manager will develop a farm management plan and operating budget with the farm operator. The plan, as well as any changes considered necessary during the year, will be submitted for your approval.  If a new operator is needed on the farm, the local farm manager will interview likely candidates in the area, and make a recommendation to you for operator selection. Then with your approval, a new operator can be selected and placed on the farm.

Timely Farm Inspections and Reports:

After each farm visit, our local farm manager supplies our client with various reports and records.  Regular farm inspections are made through the growing season followed by written reports to you to keep you informed of what is going on the farm. Supplemental Reports are sent as required for special projects and approvals. At the end of the crop year, clients receive a complete analysis of the farm's performance for the season.

Crop Marketing:

Devoted solely to evaluating and taking advantage of marketing trends, FarmFirst marketing specialist works consistently to improve your profits. A marketing plan is developed yearly and updated regularly for each farm that is under our management. Specific sales goals are established by our commodity marketer, and implemented by the local farm manager based on local conditions.  We have a proven track record at FarmFirst, and would be glad to provide you specific examples of our marketing success from past years.

Financial Reporting:

The FarmFirst system is more than just local farm management. When you are working with FarmFirst, you hire a team of professionals. Each local farm manager has a farm accountant at the home office that works with them to do the financial reporting on all managed farms.

Along with the farm managers, our financial professionals will maintain the farm account, reviewing and paying bills and depositing funds. As a client at FarmFirst, you will receive monthly financial reporting statements (if there is activity in the account). Financial reports on multiple owner properties are available at either the farm or the owner level, or both, depending on your needs. At the end of the year you will receive a summary of income and expenses and cash flows for use in tax preparation.


Care and Conservation of the Land and the Environment

FarmFirst understands the benefits of soil and water conservation as well as clean environment and expects responsible soil stewardship on every managed farm. We encourage practices that minimize soil and wind erosion, such as terracing, contouring and no-till farming.  These practices improve productivity in both the short and long term.